ACTAR Training Center

ACTAR believes that the training of operations personnel, implementation and design is the best method to optimize the use of resources, increase availability and simplify management of the IT environment and of corporate network.

For over 15 years ACTAR executes training on the core existing technologies to the largest carrier and enterprise market.

ACTAR training courses are developed to show system administrators, analysts and engineers the existing concepts in the various tools and how to use these concepts in the day to day tasks. They stimulate the development of students exploring the products and allowing students to identify processes to improve the IT environment of the companies they work in.

They are designed for companies from various fields such as Telcos, Banks, Large Industries and Services. The training can be customized directing the learning experience to the team/company's needs as well as to the interaction with other devices in the workplace.


MIRANTIS Training Center

Mirantis is the larges Pure Play distributor of the market. 

OpenStack Mirantis is used in several companies such as ISPs, Banks, Content providers, etc., and it offers an OpenStack training seen as a reference by users and developers.

The ACTAR Mirantis Training Center offers official Mirantis training carried out by ACTAR's instructors.

ACTAR and Mirantis bring to Brasil the following training:

  • OpenStack Bootcamp I (OS100) : This bootcamp lasts three days and is intended for IT professionals who are seeking to acquire skills and knowledge of the OpenStack world. It provides participants with a detailed description of all the steps necessary to operate an OpenStack environment. Students are exposed to the configurations, architectures, best practices and interaction between components, becoming fit for the OpenStack real-world challenges.    (learn more about OS100 training)

  • OpenStack Fundamentals (OS50): This is an abridged version of the course OpenStack Bootcamp I. It is designed for engineers, project managers, developers and other professionals who wish to learn more about the basics of OpenStack .   (learn more about OS50 training)



ACTAR has Training Centers in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Curitiba.

It also has infrastructure to operate training courses in other localities or on client's premises.



Customized Courses

ACTAR offers a variety of customized training to meet the specific needs of businesses and IT teams. It helps teams to improve IT infrastructure making it more efficientsafe and reliable.

ACTAR's customized courses designed to attend customer needs. They can be developed with focus on new technologies, preparing project teams for challenges ahead. They can also be directed to the operation and maintenance team focusing on technologies that are in current use as well as their interactions with the rest of the company.

ACTAR develops training for the major infrastructure and security players in the market, including: CiscoCheck PointJuniperRadwareBlue CoatAvayaBrocade, and Tellabs.

Our trainings focus the most important technologies in the market: VirtualizationCloud computingSDNIPv6MulticastCloud securityAdvanced routing, etc.


The team of instructors has some of the best professionals in the areas of network, security, virtualization, Linux and Troubleshooting and certified on leading products and companies in the IT infrastructure market.


First-line Education

First-line Education

  • Engineers graduated at the best universities
  • Specialization course in modern technologies
Diversity of Certifications

Diversity of Certifications

  • Engineers certified by the most important players in the market
  • Teams of engineers certified in virtually all existing technologies
Hands-on Experience

Hands-on Experience

  • Extensive hands-on experience
  • Strict selection criteria
Well designed Training

Well designed Training

  • Proprietary methodology
  • Experience in formatting customized training
  • Own models and formats developed through out the years