After the acquisition and implementation of a solution, it should be kept in operation throughout its lifetime. During this period, all services and equipment within the environment should be prepared to face challenges such as infrastructure expansions, changes in environmental behavior, configuration errors, hardware problems, new demands, etc.

ACTAR's Support is prepared to face these challenges, identifying the best ways to restore the environment and working on modifications to prevent the problems come back to affect the operation of services.

ACTAR sees the media as a fundamental activity not just the result of the sale of a product or system. It understands client business's demands and prepares to keep the operating environment delivering the best market support services.

ACTAR operates several challenging environments: Telco, banks, hospitals, etc., where IT infrastructure operation is a critical requirement for the business.



With ACTAR, you have ensured a agile and timely resolution of problems and has direct access to Senior Engineers, with multidisciplinary abilities


Our Support Proffessionals

ACTAR's Support Team has highly qualified professionals with traditional training in the country's best universities. These professionals are also skilled in existing technologies and products, maintaining the main certifications of the market.

The support team also has extensive experience in other areas such as implementation, projects and teaching courses in the most complex environments within large banks and telecom operators.

They are constantly evolving through internal training, manufacturers trainings, conferences and workshops.



Services tailored to your needs

ACTAR understand the existing demands in modern, complex IT environments, that need to stay operating 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. To limit intervention and maintain the SLA (Service Level Agreements), ACTAR developed the support with a features focused on customer services.


Proactive Support

ACTAR carries out a client environment survey to identify specific characteristics. It identifies the points of attention and fix potential security flaws before they can affect the services. Support Security Networking Cloud





ACTAR develops various processes to simplify interaction between customer and support team. These processes are supported by a system that allows the monitoring and updating of services via the web, e- mails or phone.



ACTAR maintains one of the most complete laboratories allowing to simulate environments, conduct tests and prepare procedures to solve the customer's problem with minimal disruption to the production environment. Cloud OpenStack Security Support Services Quality Implementation


Vendor Integration

ACTAR understands the importance of vendor support in the development of the tools and partners with the leading manufacturers in the market (Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, Blue Coat, Radware, etc.).
Along with any ACTAR Support Service, comes the best support in the market.


Best-in-class Service Level Agreement

The quality of ACTAR Support Services is a reference in the IT market. We are prepared to meet any existing demands in the most complex services. Suporte e Manutenção Suporte e Manutenção para resolver problemas de rede



Direct Access

ACTAR's Support Service is handled directly by the professional who will act in the call. This way, the problem start to be resolved at the moment of the first contact, further reducing the time required to resolve the problem.


........................“We believe creativity, intelligence and ingenuity transform companies



Product Support

Product Support

  • ACTAR can provide support levels 2 and 3 for part of the existing products on client`s infrastructure solving hardware; software; configuration or environment related problems.
Environment Support

Environment Support

  • ACTAR can support demands of levels 2 and 3 for any network infrastructure or security problem; including assets and existing services.


  • ACTAR offers the support service your company needs. We offer coverage of 24x7. 24x5 or 8x5
  • With SLAs of two. four or 24 hours.
Customer Support

Customer Support

  • On premisses or remote support according to client's needs
  • Teams with highly qualified professionals for levels 2 and 3 in SP. RJ. BH. DF and Curitiba