Network and Cloud Security

Technology has changed the way we do business. New organizations have great opportunities to improve productivity, sharing the benefits with customers, suppliers and partners. Information networks and systems have become open, flexible and agile. However, this can be a problem, if you do not have an embedded technology management process, due to the risks inherent to these technologies.

Risk can be significantly reduced by the adoption of multi-layered security measures in the network structure. However, these measures add an extra platform to your environment, creating new potential attack points.





Security Services

ACTAR can help you determine the safety measures and tools necessary for their network infrastructure as well as its applications, according to your security policy through a comprehensive process safety assessment.

As a result , we can provide our customers with a full assessment of the network infrastructure , with improvement recommendations or adjustments to their environments , always according to your security policies and its strategic alignment.

In addition to ACTAR keeps partnership with the best providers of information security solutions that can provide our customers with great tranquility in the conduct of its business.


In addition to its Strategic Partners in Data Security, ACTAR maintains a team of extensively tested and constantly updated engineers, ready to offer the very best in security solutions to our partners



Infrastructure Security Audit

Infrastructure Security Audit

  • Vulnerability
  • Risk of data loss
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality
  • Response Ability against cyber threats


  • Security processes
  • Procedures
  • Policies aligned with the BEST PRACTICES
Pen Test

Pen Test

  • Explore in a comprehensive and objective manner
  • Aiming on identifying critical vulnerabilities in physical and logical infrastructure
Communication Network

Communication Network

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring