ACTAR is known for the use of creativity and intelligence to turn technology into solutions.

With a solid share of its revenues dedicated to stayin sync with new trends and valuable technologies, on an environment of criativity and inovation, ACTAR's team of senior engineers have all it needs to come up with some of the brightest inovative solutions in the market.

Through a detailed analysis, ACTAR manages to bring its clients closer to their real needs, finding the best available solutions. Long term partnership with the best players of its industries, ACTAR is strategically positioned to offer and implement any solution in its market.



With well structured labs, ACTAR manages to reproduce the most complex environments found on big companies.

This structure allow ACTAR to test and endorse new technologies and support a great diversity of environments in its labs.

The project management team provides all methodology, process and governance necessary to meet industry’s highest standards and best practices and to guarantee adequate communication and transparency, critical to any long-term initiative.